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Greenwave as the name suggest is involved in innovative products which are environmentally safe and green products which usage would contribute to make a greener planet.

Greenwave is concerned and wants to play a major role in reducing Carbon emission and spread the awareness among one and all to be socially responsible citizen of this planet.

Ever wondered just 1 deg C rise in earth temperatures can have catastrophic effect for our existence.

For anything and everything that degrades the environment Greenwave is concerned about. It maybe water wastage, soil erosion, electrical losses, or making products energy efficient.

The major thrust is on All types of Cooling equipments ( HVAC products ) Cooling equipments consume close to 50% of electricity bills and this has ever been increasing with increased use of cooling equipments.

There are many new technology available now in the market which are energy efficient but we feel there is an urgent need to convert old existing non efficient high energy consuming Cooling equipments into better performing equipments,

Greenwave focuses on existing HVAC equipments which are more then 2/ 3 years old and are working inefficiently consuming more power.

Now why does this happen

ASHRAE ( American society of Heating Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers ) in their report states that ALL NEW EQUIPMENT lose efficiency as they age. 7% in the right 1st Year, 5% in the 2nd year and 2% thereafter every year. This equals to a huge loss of energy consumed and less cooling output.

This happens because of a symptom called OIL FOULING. This is like Cholesterol in our arteries. Whether you like it or not – every single airconditioner or Chiller manufactured comes with a birth certificate of ( OIL FOULING ) Cholesterol generation on year on year basis.

Alongwith Refrigerant, Compressor Oil also circulates inside the refrigerant circuit and not all Oil returns back to the compressor. Some remains within the heat exchanger pipes and develops a layer inside the internal surface of these pipes. Now this Oil layer works as insulation and it reduces the heat transfer between the refrigerant and the pipes resulting into lesser cooling effect.
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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems contain a compressor in which, during the normal course of the refrigeration process, the compressor’s lubricating oil comes in direct contact.html with the refrigerant. Since the early days of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) have addressed the results of the interaction between the compressor oil and the refrigerant. This mixture continuously migrates throughout the entire air conditioning or refrigeration system.

In the Refrigeration Handbook, published by ASHRAE, it is stated that some lubricating oil is lost from all compressors during normal operation. Since oil inevitably leaves the compressor with the discharge gas, systems using halocarbon refrigerants must return this oil at the same rate at which it leaves. ASHRAE states that unless oil is removed periodically or continuously from the point where it collects, it can cover the heat transfer surface in the evaporator, reducing performance.

The Team


Greenwave is headed by Mr. Rahul Doshi a young and dynamic commercial executive with A vast experience in HVAC associated products.

Having a passion for innovations and a strong dedication for the betterment of the environment has entered into a joint venture with US based energy efficiency enhancement product manufacturer for Asia.

The team consists of Engineers and MBA executives to give utmost importance to clients and who have equal passion on energy savings.

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